About Messaging Unified

Messaging Unified brings you the latest in messaging convenience. This feature in our voicemail system offers a wide variety of options for you to receive, send and manage all of your voice messages and is only $4 a month to all current voicemail customers.
Messaging Unified Benefits

Unified Messaging:

  • Have your voicemail messages delivered to your email address, so you can be notified and play your voicemail messages from any computer or smart phone device.

Easy 1, 2, 3 voicemail navigation: 

  • Most popular voicemail actions are Repeat, Save and Delete. With Messaging Unified press “1” to repeat, “2” to save and “3” to delete. The voice prompts will guide you through other functions.

Live Message Playback:

  • You can screen your calls once your voicemail picks up.
  • Once your caller is transferred to voicemail, your phone will begin to ring again. Simply pick up and begin listening to your caller as a message is being left. Press any key to pick up the call.

Out dial to cell phone with listen option:

  • You can setup voicemail to call your cell phone when receiving voicemails and play the voicemail from your cell phone.

Other benefits:

  • Restore deleted voicemails – up to 14 days.
  • Set-up reminder calls.
  • Mark messages as new.
  • Compose messages and send to distribution list.

Extra options:

  • Sub Mailboxes*: Perfect for small business owners or families with teens.
  • Fax Messaging*: Receive, view and forward faxes electronically with a dedicated fax number and multiple means of accessing your messages.

* An upgrade of $2.00 per month is required for Sub Mailboxes and $4.00 per month for Fax Messaging.

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